Christian Education

Education Committee

We take very seriously our ministry to the children that are brought to us.  We offer classes to all children from pre-school (age 4) through junior high.  Each year we present each of our third graders a Bible with their name engraved on it.

Vacation Bible School, a combined effort with First Presbyterian, Wessington Presbyterian, United Methodist, Trinity Lutheran, and St. Ann's Catholic Church, is offered in the early summer and is very well attended. 

In addition to our Sunday School classes, we have two active youth groups;  one for junior high students and one for high school students.  The older group also raises funds throughout the year to finance a mission trip which they take each summer. 

Other education efforts include adult education and confirmation class.

Christian Education Director:      

Christian Education Committee:   

                    Kevin Hofer,  Carolyn Rediger, Gayle Vrooman

Sunday School

The Sunday School children meet each Sunday during the regular school year at 10:50 a.m. for children of Pre-school through Grade 5.   The Sunday School sing at worship services at various times throughout the year, collect supplies for those in need, Pre-school through grade 8 present an annual Christmas Program and grades pre-school through seniors help at church as greeters and ushers.

We are grateful for the service of these teachers and helpers:

          Preschool/Kindergarten:  Laura Duxbury, Jill & Cassi VanDerWerff

          Grade 1 - 3:  Kelly Johnson, Kelly Wagner

          Grades 4 - 5:  Marilyn Dyer, Sue Jones, Shaylee Anderberg

          Grades 6 - 8:  Jennifer Poindexter-Runge, Kevin Hofer (sub)

          Jr. High Youth: Kevin Hofer, Sarah DeHaai

          Sr. High Youth Group:  Kylie & Wyatt Johnson, Kevin Hofer (sub)         


Christmas Program:  

Sunday School Superintendant:    Stephanie Edwards

Vacation Bible School Planning Committee:  


Pastor Janice Palmer    605-853-3386  

Youth Leaders and Youth Groups

The Junior Youth Group (Grades 6-8) holds monthly meetings September through May.  For 2021-2022 the group is under the direction of Kevin Hofer and Jennifer Poindexter.


The Senior Youth Group (Grades 9-12) holds bi-monthly meetings January through May.  An annual Mission Trip is enjoyed by the group;  in 2013 the group went to the Twin Cities in July for a 3-day mission trip.  They worked very hard outside doing landscaping at a Crosby Family (General Mills) mansion.  The mansion was being used as a residential facility for people with mental illness and addictions.  It is run by People Incorporated, a group we've worked with for several years.


The senior youth group is responsible for decorating the tree in the sanctuary each year at Christmas time, and they host an Advent Fun Night for the congregation which is enjoyed by all.


A fund-raiser of cheese sales at the Farm and Home Show has been an annual success to help fund the senior youth group activities.

Adult Education

Janice Palmer

Attendance and participation in our Christian Education opportunities are encouraged.  Spiritual formation of the members of our congregation is part of our ministry here.  We ask for your prayers for our teachers and students as they continue to learn and grow together in faith.