Our Church Community

Pastoral Staff

Pastor Janice Palmer is currently serving our congregation You may contact Janice at the church office, 605-853-3386 or by email at millerpresbypastor@gmail.com


Our Session members meet monthly and oversee various areas and activities of our church community and prepare the church budget.  Each session member is selected by the congregation and serves a specified number of years in a term.  Elders for 2021: 

     Gayle Vrooman                 605-871-9764

     Rich Waldrop                     605-853-3864          cell 605-871-3609     

     Brian Winter                       605-853-3205          cell 605-870-1519

     Jeff Heasley                                                         cell 605-870-1028

     Dawn Haar                         605-853-3879          cell 605-204-2020                                            

     Steve Ziegler                                                       cell  605-770-7158 

     Pastor Janice Palmer          605-853-2322          cell 605-870-0522

     Shar Ruhnke, Clerk of Session   605-853-2576     cell 605-853-3374



Deacons from our congregation are selected each year to provide several duties.  Two Deacons each month are scheduled to visit our local hospital, assisted living centers, nursing home, and individual home visitations.  They prepare the items for the Communion Table for the times of communion.  The Deacons are responsible for the baptismal gifts from the church congregation that are given to infants when baptized in our church.  The Deacons have also been hosting, once a year, a morning coffee and rolls social time for the residents of the Miller Manor and the Plaza.

Church Secretary

Our church secretary, Patti Crackle, performs the necessary secretarial and record keeping tasks for the congregation.  Patti's office is located in the basement of the church and she is usually in her office on a part-time basis.  You can contact Patti by calling the church office, 605-853-3386 or 605-853-3532.  You can also email Patti at  secretarypresby@gmail.com .  Members and Friends of First Presbyterian Church of Miller are asked to contact Patti with any address changes, birth dates, anniversary dates, etc. if you have not already done so.


Patti is also trying to compile a more complete email list for our congregation, so please email her your email address(s) at your earliest covenience!