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Christian Education Ministry

We take very seriously our ministry to the children with in our community. We offer a wide range of classes and lessons to nurture the faith of students that come into our ministry.

In the fall we present the third grade students with a new bible.

Vacation Bible School, a combined effort with First Presbyterian, Wessington Presbyterian, United Methodist, Trinity Lutheran, and St. Ann's Catholic Church, is offered in the early summer and is very well attended. 

In addition to our Sunday School classes, we have two active youth groups;  one for junior high students and one for high school students. 

Our Christian Education team is here for you. It is our goal to see, children, youth, and adults grow and mature in their faith and we believe the bible teaches that this is to be done in community. So lets walk together, form our faith together to love and serve the Lord faithfully.

Here are our ministries, here for you to join, grow, and explore the love of Christ within this community.

Adult Classes

Prayer Group
Bible Lesson

Youth Group

Kids in Church

Sunday School

Click on the images to learn more about our Christian Education ministries

Confirmation 8th Grade

Parallel Lines

Christian Education Committee

  • Stephanie Edwards (Elder)

  • Shar Rhunke (Elder)

  • Kristen Moss (Elder)

  • Cecilee Miner (Christian Education Director)

  • Robert Brooks

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