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Church Staff

First Presbyterian is blessed with a great staff who is willing and able to serve God and this congregation!


Session is the governing and spiritual leadership of the church. We are made up of 9 Elders who were elected by the congregation to serve.

The Elders

Gayle Vrooman

Rich Waldrop 

Brian Winter

Jeff Heasley

Stephanie Edwards

Mike Runge

Will Jones

 Shar Ruhnke (Clerk of Session)

Chairperson: Julie Taylor

Marilyn Dyer 

Sandra Holt

Tammie Gross

Pam Heasley

Chelsea Pugh

Kelly Wagner

Brooke Jones

Curt Johnson

Jan Winter



Deacons are the "caregivers" or servants" of congregations. They focus on meeting the needs of the people in the congregation.

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