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Our church's mission to the community and to the world includes unified mission giving as well as local missions.

If you have questions or want something to donate contact

Dawn Haar  (605-853-3879)


Local Missions

Church Camping Scholarships, Helping Hands, Shriner's Hospital Transportation Fund - Cash Gifts


Kids Hope USA - This program pairs a caring adult with an at risk child in our local school system.  Adult volunteers give at least one hour a week to mentoring their child.  Not only does our church fund the program, but one of our committee members is the leader of this group of volunteers.


Relay for Life - The Presybterian team has been organized and led by a member of the Local Missions committee for the last two years.  The team was the top fund raiser for Relay for Life when it was held in 2013.


Box Tops for Education - Just clip the small Box Tops for Education label from each product and leave what you've collected in the Fellowship Hall drop off point at the church. 


 Emergency Room Mission Kit - This kit is given to families of patients who are being transferred to another hospital from our local emergency room.  The kit is a nylon bag which contains water, granola bars, gum, 10 one dollar bills and a $100.00 Visa Cash card.  Since we started this project in December of 2011, 27 kits have been given out.  Of this number, 1 has been replaced by the family, and another family left the cash card to be passed on to someone else.


The local Missions Committee welcomes any ideas and suggestions.  Please let a committee member know if you have one. 

Brian Winter 

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